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Dear customers,,
If you purchased any product from our offer and you have a problem, our customer service is there to help you.
For any questions, you will find a complaint service at number 011/22-83-677 (weekdays 8:30-20:00h Saturdays 9-16:30h).
About solving technical problems our technical support can help you at number 063/690-992 (weekdays 9-17h Saturdays 9-15h).


Our goods and products are intended for professional use only by persons who are engaged in the corresponding activity. Accordingly applied and enforced are rules governing the relationship-rights, obligations and responsibilities between the merchant and these persons.

According to the Consumer Protection Act , Trader is responsible for the lack of conformity of goods which appear within 24 months of purchase. The consumer is an individual that buy goods or services for purposes other than its intended business or other commercial activity. The trader is obliged, in the case of non-conformity of the goods, to provide the service at its own expense . When selling second-hand goods, a shorter period in which merchant is responsible for the lack of conformity, which will not be less than 12 months can be agreed.

The right to complain and free servicing by the merchant ,buyer loses in case of improper handling of the device and its use not in accordance with instructions for use, as well as in the event that carried out any repairs or attempts to repair goods by unauthorized persons.

Ultra Sun guarantees the quality of all of its products, as well as their conformity with the specifications listed on the site.

For further information please contact us at


Depending on the time when the malfunction happened , there are the following categories of complaints to the functional safety of products:

1) DOA - Dead on Arrival is the complaint at the time of delivery or first use.

This means the following:

a) the supplied product is damaged, it lacks some parts (the incomplete), does not correspond to the designed purpose or specification. In this case, the problem must be recorded on the spot, in front of the courier, by checking the goods, and if something is wrong, immediately report the malfunction.If the package that the courier delivered is damaged you can reject the shipment, and if damage is detected upon delivery and unpacking you are required to sign a complaint within 24 hours, otherwise it will not be accepted.

b) If during the installation or the first use you find that product is defective, it is necessary to notify us immediately by contacting us by telephone or send us an email with a description of the problem and your contact.

2) A complaint to the functional correctness of technical products.

In this case, you deliver the goods in our retail store. If you bought goods over the web, contact our customer service by phone 011/22-83-677 or via e-mail to get the necessary information.

3) A complaint on damaged shipment

If your package or product that you ordered arrives damaged in shipment, it is necessary to contact courier service that delivered the package within 24 hours in order for them to make the record, and then tell us about it.

4) Reklamacija zbog nesaobraznosti prilikom kupovine na daljinu

A complaint because of the lack of conformity when buying at a distance When shopping at a distance, the consumer is entitled to change his mind, and desist from buying within 14 days from when product was delivered without giving any reason for cancellation ( eg. If the consumer does not like the product, which is not actually any defects). In this case, the cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the consumer, the seller must return the money for the goods within 14 days of receipt of the declaration of consumers. The consumer is obliged to return the goods in original packaging and undamaged otherwise he loses the right to this type of complaint.

Service and refund

When receiving the goods that was malfunctioning when consumer tried the installation and initial start-up (DOA), the service technician is required to first check the justification of the complaint and completeness of devices that complaint is about before proceeding with replacing the goods or returning money. The deadline for response to your complaint is within 8 days from the making of the complaint to the retailer or from the date when the device is shipped by courier service to our customer service. After that, the decision will be made about whether if you will be shipped a new product or your money will be refunded. Complaints to the functional safety of products will be accepted only if the advertised goods are returned complete, undamaged and in its original packaging if the authorized repairer confirmed your allegations.

Packaging is not a prerequisite to refuse a customer complaint but is preferred to be submitted with the device.

Shop Ultra Sun reserves the right to change prices of products, so if you order the device at one price and with the price received it to your home, then you do not have right to a refund.

When complaining of goods for which the trader is responsible for the conformity, the buyer is obliged to:

- that the product you are complaining on is brought in person or sent by courier service to the address specified in the service list in original packaging. Packaging is not a prerequisite to refuse a customer complaint but is preferred to be submitted with the device.

- to submit a copy of the invoice of purchase to a customer service for a review.

- to describe in detail to the customer service the observed defect and description of the conditions and environment in which the product was doing when the failure occurred.

- thereafter, all the information about the status of a product customer can only get in retail or at the telephone number 011/22-83-677.

For more information please contact us at

If the complaint is accepted, the seller is obliged to offer consumers a choice between repair or replacement, which should be followed by the seller, and in the appropriate time period. By replacing it is meant replacing the goods for other of the same type, model and quantity. If the seller is unable to offer a suitable replacement (eg. No selling model which the consumer is originally purchased in the appropriate color, size, quantity ...) the goods can be exchanged for another, but only with the consent of the consumer.

If the replacement or repair is not possible, or represent a disproportionate burden, the consumer can demand a price reduction (returning a certain percentage or a certain part of the price which is charged to the consumer), or breach of contract. Termination of the agreement means that the consumer returns the goods to the seller, and the seller returns the money to the consumer.


In order for our mutual business to raise to a higher level, and at the same time avoid all unnecessary costs, together we must respect the following procedure to send the goods to the service.

How to save and reduce time for resolving complaints?

With the device,it is essential to provide us with Contract of sale or a copy of the receipt. All components should be adequately packaged in order to avoid any damage during transportation, and it would be the best if it is in original packaging and as complete as possible. Example: if the bulb is not working in the UV lamp, it is necessary to deliver a complete UV lamp.

With each component should be written a detailed description of the fault. If the defect is manifested after a long time of work, write how long it takes for that to happen. It is also desirable to list all the specifics if the failure is not common. Try to avoid short and incomplete descriptions of failures because we can get into a situation to not remedy the defect and return you the same device. Be as detailed as it is possible in the description.

Physically damaged components and devices that have not been used according to the manufacturer's specification are not entitled to make a complaint on or a free service because the merchant is not responsible for the lack of conformity as a result of damage to improper handling, the risk passes to the buyer.

In the case of physical damage inflicted by end users, customer service request diagnostics. If the customer cancels the repairs he will be required to self-regulate all the costs to the customer service. That type of additional costs are not borne by the trader.

Please respect the above procedure, because it is in your interest and ours to resolve complaints and service in the shortest possible time-frame.

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