Zoya Professional Nail Polish

Pick up your favorite Zoya colors!
The long-lasting, vegan, 10 free formula of Zoya Nail Polish is available in over 300 shades in Classic Zoya, Pixie Dust and seasonal collections.
The favorite brand of nail polish of ladies around the world will become an irreplaceable part of your beauty routine. Red, nude, matte, Pixie Dust or some other Zoya nail polish, the choice is yours!

Gel Polish

The perfect solution for a beautiful manicure on natural nails.
Nail Perfect gel polishes are available in 117 beautiful shades, 15 ml packaging. High pigmented with great textures, those gel polishes are perfect for long lasting manicure. Fire red, gentle pink, seductive bordeaux or some other polish , Nail Perfect gel polishes have everything you need to fulfill your client's desires.

Nail Perfect Gels

Impeccably beautiful nails!
Nail Perfect Sculpting Gel is manufactured in accordance with world’s top standards and with its high quality formula and top performance is one of the best sculpting gels in the market. For those who want the best in their salon, Nail Perfect offers: Nail Perfect Sculpting Nails, No Cleanse Top Seal for perfect shine or some of the new colored No Cleanse Top Seal for gel and acrylic.

Nail Perfect Color Gel

Creativity and Possibilities are endless.
These extra highly pigmented Color+ Gels are ideal for detailed gel designs and one stroke designs.
Five striking Nail Perfect color + gel that can be mixed with many seasonal collections make irreplaceable kit essential for every professional.


Nail Extension

Apparatus for Manicure and Nail


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