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Depilation Waxes

For best depilation service in your saloon!
Italwax professional waxes are made from high quality organic materials for best depilation service in your saloon. Liposolubile or Film Wax, Italwax introduces innovations and modernizes classic Italian wax formula.
All Italwax waxes have a high adhesiveness (the ability to securely engage with hairs), which makes the hair removal procedure most effective, fast, safe and relatively painless.

Depilation Cosmetics

The secret to smooth, soft and nourished skin after depilation is revealed!
Italwax professional cosmetics for depilation includes both pre wax and after wax products. Prepare your client skin with Italwax Pre Wax Lotion or Gel and remove wax residue with one of Italwax After Wax Oils and Lotions.
Italwax White Orchid Emulsion perfectly nourishes the skin after depilation and prevents ingrown hairs.

Wax Heater and Depilation Strips

A wide range of wax heaters and disposable accessories for depilation of superior Italian quality.
Whether you need depilation stripes, depilation rolls, spatulas or high quality ergonomic wax heaters, you will find everything you need in our offer to provide the best services in your salon.

Pedicure Cosmetics

The first professional pedicure spa treatment with certified organic ingredients! BCL SPA is the best solution to meet your saloon’s every need. Organic, natural, easy, luxurious. BCL SPA Pedi Station soothes and nourishes tired feet for the ultimate treatment for your clients. BCL SPA Critical Repair Crème infused with high quality organic ingredients protects and nourishes hands, feet and body, and protect from negative environmental influences.


Paraffin Treatmens

Disposable Accessories

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