Payment options

The transfer order (invoice payment)

Wire transfer payment method is intended for legal entities. If you represent a legal entity in the process of buying it is enough to mark the "invoice". A copy of the completed payment order will automatically be sent to your e-mail after order confirmation .After payments recorded in our system, ordered goods will be sent by courier or can be picked up in person in our retail store in Gandijeva 99v, ext 1 in New Belgrade. If you are a customer of electronic banking, transaction can be done in the same way.


Nudimo Vam i opciju plaćanja pouzećem (gotovinsko plaćanje kuriru na licu mesta). U ovom slučaju roba će Vam biti poslata kurirskom službom, a Vi ćete je platiti kuriru pri preuzimanju.

If you want to take the goods in person, you can go to our retail shop in Gandijeva 99v, ext 1 in New Belgrade, make payment on site and pick up previously online ordered goods.


Payment by check is possible in our retail store in Gandijeva 99v, ext 1 in New Belgrade. Purchase of goods can be carried out only in the presence of the owner of the check with the documents (identity card and check card). In addition to regular data printed on the check, the buyer is obliged to write telephone number and valid ID card number on the background of the each check.

Delayed payment by check

Ultra Sun offers deferred payment of 30 days by check, for amounts over 5000.00 RSD.

Payment on installments by check

Ultra Sun offers you the option of paying in installments:

- for amounts over 10,000.00 RSD to two monthly installments

- for amounts over 30,000.00 RSD in three monthly installments

- for amounts over 50.000,00RSD in four monthly installments

The first installment is payable immediately and the other each of following month.

Debit and credit cards

From now on credit card purchases are even better choice! Your purchases do not have to burden your budget!

Credit cards from Banca Intesa program MasterCard, American Express and Visa allow you interest-free payment in 3 monthly installments, in Ultra Sun retail store in New Belgrade.

The possibility to obtain a quantity discount

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